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What is Baltix?

Baltix is a free computer operating system, based on popular Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux distributions, adapted for people from Lithuania, Latvia and other Baltic countries.

Supported languages are Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, English, Polish, Norwegian, German and others from Baltic region.

Baltix GNU/Linux uses the GNOME and Ubuntu Unity desktop environments (some versions have KDE and LXDE too) and is distributed as an installable Live CD/LiveUSB with user-friendly graphical installer. Baltix can run directly from USB storage or LiveCD/DVD, without installation to a computer's permanent storage (hard disk, solid state drive, etc).

Since 2007 separate Baltix CD/DVD images for home/business use, educational institutions (DVD version for "Science and Education") and servers are being released.

Addition packages comparing with Ubuntu are:
  • Educational software for kids and adults, including GCompris, TuxPaint, Celestia (space simulator), Atomix and Stellarium.
  • Parental Control and Content Filtering software GNOME Nanny and Dansguardian
  • Internet telephony (VOIP) software, compatible with Google Talk (Gmail Chat) - Empathy
  • Interesting and funny games, including Chess, Pingus, Backgammon, SuperTuxKart, PlanetPenguin Racer
  • Vector graphic, CAD and diagram drawing software, including Inkscape, LibreCAD and Dia
  • Lightweight Desktop Environment (curently LXDE)
  • Possibility to run lots of software, compiled for Windows OS
  • Clipart, CAD and office documents templates
  • Support for all popular archive formats (.zip, .arj, .cab, .rar, .7z, .gz, etc.)
  • Support for all popular video/audio codecs: MPEG, XVID, DVD, Theora, DIVX, WebM, WMV, MP3, WMA, Ogg, etc.
  • Lots of other packages, which are useful for Lithuanian and other Baltic people, including connections to Lithuanian/Latvian mobile Internet providers (Bitė, Omnitel, Tele2, Mezon) and drivers for popular 3G and 4G (Wimax) modems, OpenDict with Lithuanian-English, German and other dictionaries, various spelling and hyphenation dictionaries, etc.

Baltix has an automatic installation (autoinstall) feature - it can be installed into computer in about 10 minutes without user intervention.

In February 2012 Baltix joined to Open Invention Network ®

Baltix Goals

  • Easy and right away ready for majority of Lithuanian, Latvian and Russian home and office users (no need to install additionally software for multimedia support or office work, e.g. spelling dictionaries or templates)
  • Ability to run software, compiled for Windows OS
  • Possibility to work comfortable on older computers (starting from 128MB RAM and 500Mhz CPU), little resources consuming desktop environment is included (currently LXDE)
  • Comfortable for computer manufacturers (Baltix 2008, 2010 and newer) have a non-interactive automatic installation (autoinstall) feature - OS can be installed into computer in about 10 minutes without user intervention
  • Since 2004 Baltix GNU/Linux is the best sold Linux operating system in Lithuania (Baltix in Lithuanian shops appeared in 2003 with small book "Acquaintance with Linux", now people can buy cheap Baltix GNU/Linux CDs at many Lithuanian computer shops)

    Maintainer and main developer

    Mantas Kriaučiūnas
    Email: mantas_eta_akl (dot) lt ,
    Mobile: +370 61453085
    Jabber: mantas_eta_akl (dot) lt


    Main download page is , mirror is at


    Development, bugs and wishes

    Report bugs and wishes at Baltix development project page -

    Anybody can contribute to the Baltix GNU/Linux and other program creation and improvement. Computer expertise or Linux expertise is not required. You can help by:

    • Translation of program installation instructions, documentation and advertising to Lithuanian and other languages.

    • Improvement of the graphical design.

    • Voicing your suggestions and requirements.

    • Showing the Open Source, Free programs to others.

    More info and links

    More information in English about Baltix GNU/Linux operating system can be found:

    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Baltix page

    Official Ubuntu derivative Wiki - Baltix description



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